Why Choose TailoredPay?

Solutions as unique as your business.

TailoredPay specializes in high-risk card processing services for a wide range of industries. With an extensive global network of processing and banking partners, we offer a streamlined service for hard to place businesses.

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Easier, cheaper and more efficient.

Traditional Providers
Digital application process
Approvals within 48-72 hours
No setup fees
Wide range of industries accepted
Focus on high-risk merchants
Chargeback prevention system
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“TailoredPay helps high-risk businesses secure a merchant account at reasonable rates. It’s so rewarding to see the businesses that we work with go from strength to strength, knowing that we have played a part in that success.”

Daniel Kroytor
TailoredPay Sales Manager

If you are a start-up…

We can work with you.

Start-up companies that are classified as high-risk often struggle to obtain a merchant account due to lack of processing and credit history. We like to give a chance to every merchant.

If you were rejected by other banks…

We can still help.

If your application was declined by other banks, don’t lose hope. We specialize in getting “hard to place” merchants approved.

If you experienced

We give you a chance.

Our customized payment options are tailored for high-risk businesses and allow all types of merchants to succeed.

Discover why so many businesses trust TailoredPay with their payment processing needs.